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Pro-Level Baseball, Softball & Basketball Training Right Here in Raleigh-Durham


Whether you’re coaching baseball and want your whole team to improve, or your child wants to play their best, Grand Slam U.S.A.’s team of sport coaching professionals are here to help.


All members of our baseball and softball training staff have played at the college or professional level, so you get unmatched advice and real-world experience.


Depending on your specific needs, we’ll play up the strengths and improve the weaknesses in your game, with results-oriented baseball and softball drills that help you rack up the stats in every inning.


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Customized Baseball & Softball Lessons for Raleigh-Durham Players


Choose any or all baseball or softball instruction programs that benefit you the most, including:

  • Baseball Pitching
  • Baseball Hitting/Fielding
  • Fastpitch Softball Pitching
  • Fastpitch Softball Hitting/Fielding

Our staff of sports coaching experts “bring it” to every baseball and softball instruction session, giving you unmatched value and helping you maximize your game faster than you ever thought possible.