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How to Maximize Your Trip to the Batting Cages

A batting cage can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to improving your swing. These tips will help you get the most out of hitting in the batting cages here at Grand Slam USA. There is no doubt that tee work, soft-toss, and overhand batting practice drills are necessary to become a better hitter. These drills allow you to break down each part of your swing and fix them as needed. A batting cage is more of a rapid fire drill, and relies heavily on timing and tracking. Hitting in a batting cage can be beneficial in many ways. The batting cages at Grand Slam USA allow you to see some real velocity and get you ready for the speed you will see in a game. Although tee work, soft-toss, and overhand batting practice are invaluable to perfecting swing mechanics, hitting in a batting cage that is set to a speed that you will face in a real game is also very important.

There are two general skills that you must focus on when in a batting cage, which are timing and tracking.


Find the Ball – You need to see the baseball’s path before it’s fired out at you. Force your eyes find and follow the ball from the start of its journey all the way to being launched.

Get Your Front Foot Down – This is the most important part of hitting off a machine. Make sure your load and stride don’t occur too late. In the same regard, don’t stride too early and be forced to throw your hands at the pitch.


See the Ball – Once you have your timing down, it’s time to track the baseball. A batting cage machine will have more velocity than soft toss or batting practice, so let’s train your eyes. Try to see the ball from the release of the machine all the way to the back of the cage. Most batting cages will throw strikes down the middle, so this is a great opportunity to track and recognize that this is a pitch you want to hit. That way when you see that pitch in a game you won’t let it go.